The Amazon Campus Challenge gives UK companies the opportunity to launch their business for the first time on Amazon. They will receive support from a team of students whose mission is to help them create their account, develop their e-business strategy, manage their sales, and maximise profits over a four-month period.

Why should your business take part in the Amazon Campus Challenge ?

  • Potentially trigger new growth by building your business on Amazon.

  • Potentially expand international sales with the opportunity to reach customers around the world.

  • Benefit from the guidance and support of a team of enthusiastic students that will contribute their academic knowledge, motivation and creativity.

  • Collaborate with students interested in your industry and identify future talent for your business.

  • Receive a 4-month free selling on Amazon account from January-April.

How to take part in the Amazon Campus Challenge ?

 Students are asked to prospect for companies in order to get them to participate. Nevertheless, you can register your interest with local high education schools and universisties. They will then send you a registration link so that you may make your participation official.


If no team has contacted you and you still want to participate, contact us.

Suggestions to participating companies 

Dedicate time for weekly exchanges with the students from November to the end of May. Good communication is key to success. 

Check out our Selling on Amazon website for more details.