Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Welcome to Amazon Campus Challenge!

7 Top Tips for Success


Are you ready to take on Amazon Campus Challenge? Take on an entrepreneurial adventure, enhance your e-commerce knowledge, and develop business managerial skills? If the answer is yes, Amazon Campus Challenge is for you. Get ahead of the competition by registering now


Here are six tips for getting started:

Tip 1 – Use your friendship circles   

You don’t need to look far - if you have a best friend with entrepreneurial flair, a flat-mate with an interest in e-commerce, or even a super competitive course mate, then you have your team!


Tip 2 - Take advantae of social networks  

Head to your social media pages to search for other enthusiastic students looking for teammates.


Tip 3 - Combining skill and motivation

Amazon Campus Challenge is an opportunity to build practical skills for your future career: analytical thinking, persuasion, attention to detail, creativity, tenacity... Identify your best attributes and choose teammates that bring complementary strengths. The key to success is finding a balanced team with a variety of skills. Above all, a good teammate is a person who will stay committed throughout the challenge (October to May) and is super motivated!


Tip 4 - Contact other students who are also searching for a team

Struggling to find suitable team members?  Thankfully, you can contact teams that are being created on the Teams page. Alternatively, you can create a team in My Account and tick the box allowing other students to contact you.


Tip 5 - Create your team

To participate in Amazon Campus Challenge, all team members must be studying in higher education in the UK and must be above the age of 18. Your teammates can follow the same course as you or study in a different field, it’s up to you. Teams must have two to five students. We recommend a minimum of three participants, that way if one of your group members were to unfortunately leave during the challenge, you will still be able to continue.


Tip 6 – Finding a company to partner with

Ask lecturers’ for ideas as your university may already have partnerships with eligible companies. You can also try social media sites (such as LinkedIn) and walking around your local town/city to seek potential organisations.


Tip 7 - Choosing a leader

Discuss your team organisation. Is one of you a leader? Or will you delegate responsibilities? Maybe you would rather not nominate a leader at all. In any case, it is better to thave  this discussion at the very beginning of the challenge. 


BONUS TIP - Visit an Amazon Fulfilment Centre

Understand how Amazon operates first-hand by touring one of our fulfilment centres and seeing  how we deliver for our customers. Reserve your space on a first-come-first-served basis here.


Are you ready? Sign up your dream team here! If you still have questions, head to our FAQ page or email our team: a2c-uk@amazon.co.uk.


Good luck!


Amazon Campus Challenge Team