Amazon Campus Challenge Rules

Read these rules before participating in the Amazon Campus Challenge (hereafter "the Challenge"). By participating in the Challenge, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these rules and that you meet all conditions of eligibility described herein.


The Challenge Dates 

 Academic Year 2019-2020
 Challenge Dates June 2019 - June 2020
 Student/Team Registration Deadline Thursday 31st October 2019
 Company Registration Deadline Saturday 30th November 2019
 Online Sales Start  Monday 3rd February 2020
 Online Sales End  Sunday 31st May 2020


ARTICLE 1 – Organising Company


Amazon Services Europe SARL, a Luxembourg-registered limited liability company, headquartered at 38 Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1885 Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Business Registers under number B93815 (hereafter "Amazon") is organising the Challenge during "the Challenge Dates" (see the table above). Registration shall take place during the "Registration Rates" (see the table above).


ARTICLE 2 – Purpose of the Challenge

The purpose of the Challenge is to give students the opportunity to explore the third-party seller experience on the Amazon UK Store available at[](the “Amazon Store” or the 'Store').

Subject to compliance with the conditions referred to in Article 4 below, students participating in the Challenge will form teams of 2 to 5 students to partner, for a period of 4 months (3rd February  2020 to 31st May 2020), with the company of their choice, in accordance with the requirements of Article 4, to assist with the company's activity as a third-party seller on the Amazon Store using the tools offered by Amazon to place items on sale.

The top 5 teams will win the prizes outlined in Article 8 (according to the score they receive and according to the criteria laid out in Articles 6 and 7).


ARTICLE 3 –  Meeting to Present the Challenge

A webinar to present the Challenge will be held on the Amazon Campus Challenge website in October 2019 and will be open to all students who wish to participate. During the webinar students will be able to submit their questions to the Amazon organisers. It will also be possible to submit questions when the challenge is underway via the website.   


ARTICLE 4 – Eligibility requirements  

To be eligible to sign up for the Challenge, the following requirements must be met:

4.1 participants must be organised into teams of two to five students (from a school or university located in the UK), must be 18 years of age or older and must each be enrolled in a higher educational programme for the "academic year" referred to in the table above. Amazon reserves the right to request from students some official proof of their enrolment in the programmes mentioned. A team may consist of participants from different schools or universities. Only students who have not previously had a relationship with Amazon through a placement or employment contract can participate in the Challenge; 

4.2 each team must identify a company officially registered in the UK to partner with (the “Company”). The Company must have ties to consumers in the UK. The Company shall not have more than 250 employees and its sales revenue shall not exceed 50 million euros in 2018. Those figures apply at the group level. The Company shall not have previously sold on the Amazon Stores before (including but not limited to other European Amazon Stores). Each applying team shall then invite the Company to register as a third-party seller on the Amazon Store and partner with the Company for its launch and sales activity on Marketplace in accordance with the stipulations of Article 7 below; the company shall expressly accept its subscription to the Challenge, in accordance with sections 4.3, 4.4 and subsequent sections of these Rules.. If the Company selected by a Team decides that they are no longer interested in participating in the Challenge, that Team will not be allowed to continue participating in the Challenge.  

4.3 if Amazon selects a student team in accordance with Article 6 below, the Company proposed by said team shall sign the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement (the "BSA") and the Amazon Payments Selling on Amazon User Agreement and accept the applicable program policies that govern the relationship between Amazon and third-party sellers on the Amazon Stores. As a result and before registering for the Challenge, it is advised that each team shares the BSA, which is available here, with the Company it wishes to register as a third-party seller on Amazon. A company's failure to sign the BSA (and applicable agreements and policies) will lead to the team's disqualification. Teams will be provided with a  free trial of the Amazon Pro Account. Please see the T&Cs associated with the Amazon Pro Account.

4.4 each team must register on the official website for the Challenge during the "student registration dates” mentioned above. When signing up, each member shall register on the Amazon Campus Challenge website. Any applications submitted after the sign-up period will be considered late. Its acceptance will be subject to prior agreement by the Amazon Campus Challenge team.

4.5 each company must sign up on the Amazon Campus Challenge website during the "company registration dates” mentioned above. Companies will be sent a link by students, and will complete the registration process on the Amazon Campus Challenge website. Any applications submitted after the company registration period will be considered late. Its acceptance will be subject to prior agreement by the Amazon Campus Challenge team.

4.6 any modification made to the application after the closing of the registration period shall be subject to prior agreement by the Amazon Campus Challenge team through the contact form.

4.7. Amazon may terminate any student and/or company’s participation in the Challenge immediately if they fail to comply with any of the provisions set forth in these Rules.


  ARTICLE 5 – Third-party seller

During the Challenge dates (see table above), the companies will not pay the monthly subscription fee normally charged to third-party sellers using a PRO account to sell on the Marketplace. Other costs will apply, such as selling and management fees which shall be paid per item at the time of the sale. At the end of the Challenge, each company will have the choice to either  continue as a seller on the Amazon Stores or to terminate its BSA. If the company chooses to remain selling on Amazon, it shall begin paying monthly subscription fees starting in July 2020.

In the event that a team is not selected by Amazon under these terms and conditions, the company partnering with said team retains the ability to become a third-party seller on the Amazon Stores so long as it pays the aforementioned monthly subscription fees.


ARTICLE 6 – Winning Teams

Amazon will make its selection based on the selection criteria and the answers to the motivation questions referred to in Article 4. These answers will be scored on a ten-point scale. Amazon will select only applicants who receive a minimum score of 6 out of 10 points. Each selected team will be informed of their selection via e-mail and/or directly on the Challenge website on 15th May 2020.


ARTICLE 7 – Stages of the Challenge 

Once the team has been selected and the company has been registered, participants will be able to create a third-party seller account and list items for sale online. All information regarding Challenge stages and deadlines will be available on the Amazon Campus Challenge website. Information webinars and Q&A sessions will also be offered to participating teams and companies. Starting from the "online sales start date" mentioned in the table above, all the Challenge partner companies will be able to list items online provided that they have fulfilled all third-party seller obligations on the Marketplace and detailed in the BSA. Each team and company will collaborate and interact directly with each other without any intervention from Amazon. Amazon's only role in regard to the third-party seller will be as a host, which is the same for any third-party seller on Marketplace. As such, Amazon will host a monthly webinar (the dates and times of the webinars will be posted on the Amazon Campus Challenge website) in which (i) tips will be given on how to use the tools made available to third-party sellers by Amazon and (ii) businesses will be able to ask questions about Amazon tools and Marketplace in general.

Important: During the online sales period (see online sales dates in the table above) any questions about selling on the Amazon Stores will only be answered if submitted by the company during the monthly webinars or via Amazon Seller Support using the company's account and the "Seller Central" interface.

Selection of finalists: Amazon will select 5 out of all participating teams. The selection will be based on (i) the company's sales revenue and units sold, (ii) seller performance (order defect rate, late shipment rate, number of customer reviews and customer ratings). Each of the 5 selected teams will be informed of the decision by e-mail during the “announcement of finalists date” mentioned above. They will subsequently be invited to come and make an oral presentation. The time, date and place of the presentation will be specified by e-mail.

Finalist Team Presentations: each of the 5 finalist teams will have 10 minutes to present their projects. They will then have 10 minutes to answer questions from the judges panel. The panel will base their score on the following criteria: (i) presentation of the company, (ii) presentation of their report’s key points, (iii) presentation of the project's business goals and (iv) the overall quality of the presentation. Following the presentations, the judges will deliver the results of the ranking and thereby announce the 3 winners of the prizes mentioned in Article 8. The announcement of the results will be followed by a cocktail reception.


ARTICLE 8 – Prizes


The top five teams will receive:

8.1 1st place 

  • the

 team will receive £10,000 to share among its members, in the bank account communicated to Amazon during the Challenge. They will also receive $500 each in AWS credits.


8.2 2nd place

  • the team will receive £7,000 to share among its members, in the bank account communicated to Amazon during the Challenge. They will also receive $350 each in AWS credits.


8.3 3rd place

  • the team will receive £5,000 to share among its members, in the bank account communicated to Amazon during the Challenge. They will also receive $250 each in AWS credits.


8.4 4th place

  • the team will each receive £3,000 to share among its members, in the bank account communicated to Amazon during the Challenge. They will also receive $200 each in AWS credits.


8.5 5th place

  • the team will each receive £3,000 to share among its members, in the bank account communicated to Amazon during the Challenge. They will also receive $150 each in AWS credits.


In addition to prizes mentioned at paragraphs 8.1-8.5, members of the top five winning teams will be invited to attend an interview for a graduate role at Amazon, subject to eligibility requirements. Winning students are required to have achieved or be on track to achieving a minimum 2:1 degree classification. 


The value of the prizes is determined at the time of writing of these rules and cannot be disputed regarding its value.


Prizes are strictly personal and are not transferable. In no case may they be the subject of a quid pro quo of any kind whatsoever, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever. Winners will be responsible for any applicable taxes arising from the reception and use of the prizes.  


ARTICLE 9 – Communication/use of participant images, first and last names


As part of the Challenge, each participant grants, on a free basis, authorisation to Amazon and/or its subsidiaries, beneficiaries or assignees to:

  • produce or request to produce photographs and videos and to use, reproduce, digitize, publish and format them, in whole or in part, and
  • to use the first names and initial of the last names of each participant,

throughout the world, for (i) editorial, (ii) external and internal communications, (iii) promotions in any way related to the Challenge and subject to respect for the personality and the image integrity of the participants.

Each participant waives the right to make any claim of any kind and/or any other reason for action under this authorisation. This authorisation is granted for a period of 5 (five) years from the signature of these rules and throughout the world. If a student does not want to appear in a video or a photograph, said student must inform Amazon before the video or photograph is created. 


ARTICLE 10 – Indemnification


Amazon reserves the right to shorten, prolong, change or cancel the Challenge due to force majeure. It shall be indemnified against any claims in that case.

Amazon shall not be held liable in the least regard for relationships between teams and companies. Specifically, Amazon shall not be held liable either for companies' unavailability or withdrawal or any incident arising between a student and a company during the Challenge.

Amazon shall not be liable for any interruption in Internet communications or deterioration of assets (communication network, network interruption) and, more generally, any malfunction of the Internet network.


 ARTICLE 11 – Relationship between Amazon and students


These rules shall not be interpreted as creating a principal-agent or employer-employee relationship between Amazon and the participants. This Challenge is not an employment contract.

As stated in Article 7, Amazon will not intervene in the collaboration between the team and its partner company. Amazon's only obligation will have in regard to the third-party seller will be as a host, the same function it performs for any third-party seller on selling on the Amazon Stores.

Amazon will not issue any instructions or directives to participants. All questions relating directly or indirectly to selling on the Amazon Stores, the role of third-party sellers, third-party seller accounts or Amazon tools shall be submitted by the companies to Amazon only during its monthly webinars or via the Seller Central interface. Otherwise they shall not receive a response from Amazon.



ARTICLE 12 – Disqualification


Amazon reserves the right to exclude any team that disturbs the progress of the Challenge, commits fraud or that violates these rules. No dispute relating to a disqualification decision may be received after 30 days from the date of disqualification decision.

Amazon may use, in particular for the purposes of proof, any act, fact or omission, data, files, recordings, transactions and other elements in digital or electronic form or medium, established, received or stored directly or indirectly by it, in particular in its information systems.

If a company decides not to sign the BSA (as defined in Article 4.3 above) or the Amazon Payments Selling on Amazon User Agreement (as defined in Article 4.3 above), or does not accept the applicable program policies that govern the relationship between Amazon and third-party Sellers on the Amazon Stores, or decides not to submit to registration as a third-party seller as outlined in Article 5, or decides to no longer participate in the Challenge, or rejects the team that initially suggested participation, the company will be automatically disqualified.


ARTICLE 13 – Filing and implementation of the rules


Participation in the Challenge implies full acceptance of these rules, which are filed with Mr Thomas Soulard, bailiff, 2 rue Amiral Roussin, CS 52604, 21026 Dijon Cedex. The rules shall be sent free of charge to any person who makes the request by mail to the following address before 21 June 2019 (as evidenced by the postmark): "Concours Amazon Campus Challenge", Amazon Services Europe S.à r.l. 5 rue Plaetis, L-2338 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The rules are available for free and may be printed at any time on the Amazon Campus Challenge website.


ARTICLE 14 – Language


All correspondence shall be in English. The presentations must be given in English.


ARTICLE 15 – Prize winners communication


The student's first name and the initial of the last name will be made publicly available online if he/she is one of the winners of the prizes referred to in Article 8. Participants who do not want this information to be made publicly available online must inform Amazon as such. In any case, the use of their first name and first of their name shall not confer to winners the right to remuneration or any advantage other than the delivery of their prize.



ARTICLE 16 – Confidentiality


Confidential information (hereinafter "Confidential Information") shall be deemed to be any information or fact, outside the public domain, emanating from, belonging to and/or directly or indirectly related to Amazon, any of its subsidiaries or any other affiliate of Amazon, that students have or will know about as part of the Challenge, regardless of the form in which this information is communicated to students.

Any copy of Confidential Information will be considered Confidential Information.

The following information is not considered Confidential Information:

  1. information in the public domain at the time of disclosure or which subsequently fell into the public domain and at no fault of the participants;
  2. information which Amazon has previously authorised and disclosed in writing to third parties.;

Students agree not to disclose during the Challenge dates and for 5 (five) years from its end date any Confidential Information, namely:

  1. not to communicate, disclose, transfer, by any means, Confidential Information, in whole or in part, to any person;
  2. not to use this Confidential Information solely for the purposes of implementing the Challenge or for any other purpose that Amazon has previously accepted in writing;
  3. to take all reasonable measures to prevent and to protect against the theft, the copying or reproduction or all uses, disclosures or dissemination not authorised by Amazon. 


ARTICLE 17 – Intellectual property


Participants acknowledge that (i) Confidential Information; (ii) any document, presentation or other material made available to students by Amazon as part of the Challenge; as well as in particular (iii) trademarks, logos and other distinguishing signs of Amazon, remain the exclusive property of Amazon.


In this regard, participants are prohibited from any use of brands, logos and other distinguishing signs of Amazon on the Internet and, in particular, on any social media network, for example, to report their participation in the Challenge.


ARTICLE 18 – Applicable law and disputes


The law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg governs these rules. Any question regarding the application or interpretation of the rules or any unforeseen questions that may arise must be sent to Amazon within a maximum of 15 days from the end of the Challenge. It will be decided at the sole discretion of Amazon in compliance with Luxembourg law. In the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties or after the expiry of the aforementioned period, any dispute relating to the application, execution or interpretation of these rules shall be within the jurisdiction of the courts and District Court of Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.