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The Amazon Campus Challenge gives students aged 18 years old or above and enrolled in higher education 2019–2020 the UK opportunity to enrich their studies with a real entrepreneurial team experience. It is also an excellent educational opportunity for schools and universities. They can adapt it to their needs and use it to benefit the education and training of their students and build relationships with local businesses.



How does the Amazon Campus Challenge benefit your university, business school or college?




  • Benefits for your institution


    • Field experience to supplement course content
    • Case studies that faculty can incorporate into their programmes
    • A challenge adapted for higher education, flexible and non-restrictive
    • Stronger relationships with local businesses through win-win relationships with students
    • An opportunity to gain more exposure to key actors in business.
  • Benefits for your students


    • An opportunity to apply and reinforce their experience in management and business development through real-life scenarios.
    • A solid experience in the fast growing e-commerce industry.
    • A practical and informative approach to the consulting.
    • An unparalleled experience that will enhance their CVs.
    • For the finalists, an opportunity to win up to £10,000 andexposure to Amazons recruitment team

How to take part in the Amazon Campus Challenge.

Depending on your preference and compatibility of the Amazon Campus Challenge with your institution's educational programmes, you can pass this opportunity directly onto your students or integrate it into your curriculum. We strongly recommend the second option, which offers a great balance between lessons taught in class and preparation for your future graduates’ professional career. 


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